Salesforce is full-scale CRM software that allows small businesses to remain active and enhance their sales in various products.

Salesforce cloud-based software brings a suite of features that allows the user to have a full quality experience for maintaining marketing, service, ecommerce, and other customer-oriented products. Salesforces enable the customer to interact based on the transparent process of their favorite brands.

The software helps small businesses in diverse industries to manage their products and operations with ease. Salesforce pricing makes it affordable for several small businesses.

Pricing: Starts from $25


Some of the main features of Salesforce are down below.

• Contact management

Users have access to customers’ sensitive data and their buying history, which gives a detailed insight to develop strategies. Customers will always remain the top priority.

• Opportunity management

One of the top features is to view the activity timeline of the customers. It allows users to decide which deal will be best for customers. Then you can implement or direct the sales for the target customers easily.

• Quote to cash

Configure, price, and quote (CPQ) are the three major CRM elements that automate quote management. It is quite helpful in predicting sales.

• Einstein analytics

High-class business intelligence helps predict complicated sales and gives a deeper insight into taking a reasonable course of action for the sales and finance department.

• Lead management

Users have access to the contact information. It helps to score leads automatically, score the top priority lead to the right agent, and avoid unnecessary hassles.

• Custom reports

You can get to know how well or poorly your business is performing in the market by calculating the number of activities. The financial statements provide a deep insight into the business performance.