Oracle Netsuite

One of the most popular CRM software for small e-commerce businesses is Oracle Netsuite.

Small businesses who want to understand their customers buying behaviors can benefit from a full-featured Oracle certified CRM software. The software helps to enhance the customer profiles, organize the collected information and predict the purchasing behavior.

Oracle is responsible for tracking the histories, customer responses to the marketing campaigns, sales orders, etc. When the user converts the quotes to sales orders, the software helps add the necessary calculations like taxes and shipping.

Overall, Oracle Netsuite pricing is an effective solution even for the Shopify websites.

Pricing: Starts from $499


Some of the primary quality features of Oracle Netsuiteinclude;

• Customer management

Users can quickly overview the customer details and respective information like sales history, shipping status, etc. This allows maintaining the customer’s information.

• Sales forecasting

The software allows predicting customer behavior, so sales predictions are also a value-added feature. It will enable increasing revenue.

• Campaign management

The automated marketing tools allow managing the marketing campaigns based on collected data like demographics, buying patterns, product trends, etc.

• Email marketing

You can drive prospects into leads with the streamlined email marketing campaigns integrated into the software. You can save records of the sent emails and their responses.

• Incentive compensation

You can create automated key processes like calculating the sales commissions and order inflows. This allows you to have complete visibility for the incentives to be given to team players.