Freshworks marketplace is one of the standout CRM software for sales professionals. The platform is easy to use and comes with built-in phone options like call recording, call transfer, etc.

Freshworks as a CRM is ideal for startups who want to reach their customers quickly and support their sales calls. It is famous for its AI that comes with almost every pricing package.

With the help of its AI tool, the software can predict deals sights, contact syncs, list segmentation, and track website visitors, etc., quickly. It is a perfect fit for small businesses and comes under the budget too.

Pricing: Starts from $29


Some of the quality features of the software include;

• Salesforce automation

Users can manage the contacts, accounts and sync the product and price list based on the customer’s activities.

• Marketing automation

Users can sync their emails campaigns and keep the customer updated with campaign management. Also, they can identify the prospects with the help of lead management.

• Customer support

The customer support portal allows users to resolve any queries they may have. Also, the case management is knowledge-based, which means all contacts information is in sync for agents.

• Reporting and analytics

Users are allowed to generate reports based on the activities and forecasts, which will enable them to keep an eye on business performance.