Richway Amethyst Bio-mat Single

The richway biomat single is, as the name suggests, fully customized for a single person. In comparison to the mini and professional biomat, it is the heaviest and the largest. It weighs approximately 18 kgs. This weight means that it is not designed to carry around.


The richway biomat single got designed just to lay it in one place. That place, most suitably, will be under the bed or anywhere you sleep. The size of the mat is 1000mm in breath while 2000mm in length. This size means any person can get fit on the mat from head to toe. Unlike other mats, this mat got specially designed to improve the quantity and quality of sleep.


It also provides both high and low levels of heat options one can choose from. The temperature range starts from 95F to 158F. The unique thing about richway biomat single is that it uses 65 different channels on superconducting Amethyst. These many channels indicate that no part of the body will leave out from the radiation. In addition, you can also choose which color of Amethyst you want. The options you have are natural, violet, and transparent.


Like the other Richway products, the biomate single comes with a futuristic controller. However, as the Biomate single size is big, so does the controller. The controller of Biomate single has more options and extra buttons. These options make the already user-friendly device more fun to use. Through the remote, you can control the temperature and other radiations.


The controller also comes with many added security features. These features help you against any kind of harmful radiation or accident. If you feel that the temperature is too high and you can get hurt, switch off the device, and it will instantly stop.


We can see this product is top-rated among the customers because of richway biomat single reviews. According to the study, many people were seen complimenting the pad because it solved their sleeping issue to the most extent. If you are willing to buy it, we are sure it will be worth every penny.


Don’t worry, and it will function long enough because richway has got you covered here. They provide a warranty of 3 years. In those 3 years, they will repair or even change your defective pieces. However, terms and conditions are applied.