Ceragem Far Infrared Mat S1

The FDA has approved Caregam to be used for medical purposes. If you are not happy with the service or products previously, this might be an option.


It is called Ceratonia mat because it comprises 799 ceramic cells and up to 6 coal forms. These

cells play a vital role in conducting heat from the device and transfer it to the body. Here, these ceramic cells have the same function as Amethyst have in Richway products. Ceragem cells comprise elvan, yellow clay, and jade. These materials are very environmentally friendly plus a good conductor of heat.


If you see the design of the ceragem cratonic mat S1, you will notice that the mat is concentrated in the middle, which means more heat will trap in the ceramic cells. This concentration does allow heat to escape from the sides. In turn, more radiation will penetrate the body, which will stimulate more cells.


Here in the middle, cells are arranged in a horizontal shape. These shapes together form a honeycomb. Therefore, the area is utilized efficiently, and no place in the middle goes without heat. The mat does not emit any electromagnetic wave in terms of safety because the mat effectively isolates it.


As far as usage is concerned, the Caregem mat is elementary to operate and maintain. You just have to plug in the device and leave it on the mat. When the temperature is like you wanted, then hop on to it and relax. Anybody can operate this without learning any skill.


The ceragem cratonic mat S1 is 190×80 cm in size. This size means that a tall person will not be able to get in from head to toe. In addition, if you are using it while sleeping, make sure to adjust it properly so that you do not move away from the center in your sleep. If you do, you will not get adequate heat because there are no cells at the sides of the mat.


If we talk about its weight, so it weighs 12.5 kg. This weight is not easy to carry around, and the mat looks pretty stiff to be rolled and folded as well. Therefore, you will have just to put it at one specific place of your house and go to that place every time to use it. Regarding power supply,

ceragem cratonic mat S1 uses 220 vol that is standard in every household.


Although the device that comes with the mat is not of the latest technology, it gets the work done. Plus, it has limited options available. However, the price of the mat is low compared to others in the market that justifies this shortcoming. This product can be one of the best choices for you if you are willing to try far-infrared mats for the first time.



Ceragem’s hexagonal ceramic is made from greenstone, red clay, serpentine jade and others. These 215 ceramics provide convergent radiant far infrared heat finger pressure effects and soothe fatigue. It provides an intensive thermal effect of far-infrared rays by the incorporation of about 50,000 CERATONICs microballs. And It can be used safely by double blocking of electronic magnetic waves through the thermal lines without magnetic field and provides a sense of comfort due to the combination of suede fabric and cotton padding. Easy to clean and maintain thanks to anti-stain and water repellent treatment. Application of refined design by using high quality fabrics y stylish colors. Its controller is easy to use for anyone and prevents fires through the turn off automatic system after 12 hours.


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