Richway Amethyst Bio-mat Professional

Richway biomat professional is designed especially for the use of the entire body. Your massage experience will be extra relaxing because you will be getting a massage from both top and bottom. Apart from that, you can also use this product under your mattress to get your whole body comfy while sleeping.


The unique thing about richway professional is that it has a crystal called Amethyst. This crystal is used for conduction heat from the device to your body. Nasa first discovered the technology to use crystal in conduction, and Biomat adopted that into their professional mat.


Due to crystals, the process of conduction becomes all-natural. So, you will not have to worry about any side effects. In addition, crystals make the mat hard that presses your back when you lay on it. In this way, it becomes easy to transmit heat, and you get an amazing massage.


Professional biomat is also waterproof. Therefore, when you sweat on the mat, it will not get wet. As a result, you do not get itches on your back. Also, the mat lasts longer because sweat can damage the device or ruin the crystals. The waterproofing is enabled by the silicon layer presented in between the other 17 layers. Each layer has different functions that make the professional biomat’s experience smooth.


The Richway biomat professional does not come alone when you order it. This mat comes with a mat carrying suitcase so that you can easily take it wherever you want. On top of that, there is an extra biomat cotton pad. This pad is fully washable. The company gives the extra pad so that your skin does not directly contact the radiation. If you misplace the cotton pad, do not worry. You can order a single pad any time.


If we talk about the design of the Richway biomat professional, first, let’s talk about its measurements. The pad has 700 mm breadth and 1850 mm in length. This measurement means that it is enough for an average height person.


The weight of the pad is 11.5 kg without a controller. Keeping this in mind, the company also provided the customer with a rolling bag. Most of the weight comes from the crystals it has in it and some from the thick fabrics.


The electric consumption of the whole pad is 180W. This consumption means that it will not be as heavy on the electricity bill as one might expect. At the end of the day, the long-term benefits of the mat outweigh any consumption. Plus, it requires AC 120 voltage which is usually available in the household. This power requirement shows that you will not need anything extra to operate it in your house.




It comes with an Amethyst mat, a control panel with variable heat settings, travel bag with wheels and a 100% cotton quilted cover. It is a Class II Medical Device. This is the Biomat for acupuncture, chiropractic specialists, dentists, fitness centers, gyms, massage therapists, Medi-SPas, pain control clinics, physical therapists, athletes, healing management, and waiting rooms. It fits a doctor’s table and can also be used at home on top of mattress, sofa or floor.
Pillow pictured is not included and sold separately