Massage Therapy


Compact and portable compression massager ideal for hardworking hands that get tight, sore, and cramped. Top and bottom airbags rhythmically press along the hands, wrists, and fingers to stretch out cramps and soothe pain. Optional heat setting further reduces pain and swelling. Small mas...Read More


3 MASSAGE TECHNIQUES IN ONE! Vibration Soothing Vibration Board: Powerful, yet soothing vibration radiates from the center of each footplate, which loosens muscles, stimulates circulation, and numbs pain. Deep Kneading Powerful Kneading Action: The dense rubber pads ro...Read More

Medsense Shiatsu Massage Cushion

Specs / Features: The new Shiatsu Massage Cushion With Soothing Heat features an extra-long massage track to provide total back coverage, helping calm and loosen tight muscles from top to bottom. Four sets of gentle rolling massage nodes help deliver a customized, deep-kneading massage comparable to...Read More

Medsense EMS Tens

Specs / Features: If you suffer from chronic nerve or muscle pain, you might have heard that a TENS or EMS unit could provide you with non-addictive, drug-free relief. While both TENS and EMS units are powerful solutions for, it’s important to understand that these units don’t necessaril...Read More

Shiatsu Foot Massager

MedSense Shiatsu Foot Massager 【Fatigue & Stress Relief】The foot massager comes with deep kneading shiatsu, rolling, and heating function to perform massage as skillful as that by a professional massagist, bringing ultimate relaxation and fatigue relief after working or driving; The shiatsu...Read More

Healax Neck & Shoulder Massager by Ceragem

Made by Ceragem, it is a topical massager with thermal heat. ...Read More
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Ceragem Master V3 – Chiropractic Massager

Do you have a chronic back pain? Do you feel pain in your neck? Do you have a headache? Do you feel tired all the time? Do you get sick easily? Do you have a bad posture? If you answered yes to any of them, try a Ceragem. You will feel amazed at the result. Ceragem is 510K approved by FDA for pain a...Read More
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