The Acu Palm is the perfect gift for desk or office workers, artists, chefs, nurses, former athletes, or anyone who needs to care for their hands.  It’s the only portable, powerful desktop hand massager that charges via USB and works for up to 3 hours on a single charge. The longer design of the Acu Palm offers an effective heated compression massage that reaches from the fingers to the wrist. The finger “window” allows those with larger/longer hands to fit. The massager works by rhythmically inflating top and bottom airbags that press and release the muscles and joints of the hands, stretching them out and encouraging blood circulation. The inner cloth lining is studded with rubber nodes that stimulate important accupressure points of the palm and fingers, according to the practice of reflexology. The Acu Palm has three strength levels to suit all preferences; three pre-programmed massages to Refresh, Recover, or Relax; heat therapy settings to warm muscles and joints; a cordless design with a rechargeable built-in battery; a USB charger for added portability, and a classic matte black-and-pearl white outer shell that will suit even the most discerning tastes.





Compact and portable compression massager ideal for hardworking hands that get tight, sore, and cramped.
Top and bottom airbags rhythmically press along the hands, wrists, and fingers to stretch out cramps and soothe pain.
Optional heat setting further reduces pain and swelling. Small massage nodes stimulate reflexology pressure points on the palm.
Cordless Lithium Ion battery never needs to be replaced and is rechargeable using a USB cord or an AC adapter (both included).
Black and pearl outer casing is sophisticated and discreet, so it’s perfect for the desktop. Offers three strength levels and three pre-programmed massages.


Airbags Stretch Out Cramps and Soothe Pain


3 Strength Levels with Optional Heat Setting*


Finger Window For Larger Hands.




Refresh: This mode gives hands a break and revives them, focusing on the top of the hand and the fingers, where tension builds up and causes cramping.

Recover: This mode helps with soreness and nerve pain due to strain. If focuses on the lower part of the hand and wrist, using compression airbags to help overworked wrists and hands recover.

Relax: Kneading compression airbags work both sides of the fingers, palm, and wrist for a relaxing total hand massage. Great after a long day on the computer.

*Note: Heat setting takes 10 minutes to warm to full capacity.


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