Qlife, Q-Mist H2 Water Cup

Overall Score: 3.9/5

Water is not only essential to keep you hydrated but decides how you look. Pure and hydrated water is necessary to deal with the increasing pollution in the environment. If you desire healthier skin Qlife, Q-Mist H2 Water Cup can be a great help.

The Qlife Q-Mist H2 Water Cup using ultrasonic mist technology generated hydrogen water. It vibrates more than a sequence of 120,000 times per second to purify the water and enrich its hydrogen properties.

The compact design is there to offer the healthiest portable hydrogen water for your universal needs. It can turn any drinkable water into rich hydrogen and antioxidant water, necessary to fight aging, illness, skin diseases, and oxidative stress.

You can call it your secret pocket partner who helps keep your skin protected and moisturized irrespective of the environment. Through two high-grade titanium rods, Qlife Q-cup dissolves molecular hydrogen in no time.

It can dissolve hydrogen within minutes (up to 1200 ppb) and antioxidants (ORP up to 600 mv). It maximizes hydrogen and electrons in water through the electrolysis process. It transforms water molecules into small clusters to further help your skin absorb all the beneficial minerals.

The compact and pocket-friendly device is rechargeable with a standard USB cable. So you can take care of your skin anywhere without any hassle. With a wide variety of uses, get ready to enjoy healthier, younger-looking, moisturized, and hydrated skin with Qlife Q-Mist H2 Water Cup.

Following are the features offered by Qlife Q-Mist H2 Water Cup:

Simple to Use

Keeping your skin younger and healthier is not a hassle anymore with this simple-to-use divide. Simply twist and turn the head of the device counterclockwise to unlock the cap. Fill it with water and wait for few minutes.

Qlife Q-Mist H2 Water Cup will produce tiny hydrogen bubbles when in use. Your pure hydrogen-rich water is ready to serve your skin with the best qualities of water.

The blue LED backlight makes it easy to spot if the system is working fine while enhancing the aesthetics and overall experience of the system.

High Water And Working Capacity

The water tank can hold up to 12mm diameter water to provide enough storage for one use. The design device is rechargeable to help you get the most out of it. The batteries integrated into the system are 500mAh Lithium Polymer that can last over 2 hours when continuously used.

Qlife Q-Mist H2 Water Cup Price: Starting from $73.75