Coway CHP-671L

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If you are on a hunt for the best water purifier for your family, Coway CHP-671L is the answer. The large-size water purifier is a two-in-one system that eliminates the need for a water dispenser with two water temperature technology.

The trustable brand has manufactured this robust structure to serve you for the longest. With technological advancement, a high-capacity tank promotes healthy living with less investment. You can easily install this durable and portable system anywhere in your house to enjoy the benefits of clean and pure water.


With one-touch sensor technology, easily switch between hot and cold water. Eliminating the need to invest in expensive water dispensers.

Homeowners are usually concerned about their kitchen’s aesthetics. Keeping this in mind, the manufacturers have kept the design sleek and stylish to fit in everywhere. The slim body and perfect color combination will increase the beauty of your house.

Integrated with the latest technology, the unit can remove all the impurities from water to make it suitable for drinking. You can trust your family’s health with Coway CHP-671L water purifier innovative technology.

The visible water temperature display will help you detect the exact temperature of the water available in the tank. This will help you save water wastage.


Easy To Use And Install

It is necessary to purchase a simple and easy unit, especially when you have children around. You can easily install the system using the system manually without experts’ help. The lightweight compact body will fit in compact places saving room for other devices.

The lightweight body allows easy installation and relocation of the system.

2 Water Temperatures With Water Indicators

The Coway CHP-671L waster purifier 2021 offers the latest water temperature indicator that helps you understand your water usage. It allows hot and cold water to help you save money on an investment in the water dispenser. You can even switch between cold and ambient water using the switchable dial on the device.

Furthermore, the removable barrel base allows bottle accommodation to refill your water bottles easily to disinfect the wash nozzles efficiently.

Large Water Reservoir

The large water tank can hold up to 21 L of water that is enough for heavy use.

Coway CHP-671L Price: Starting from $1699.00