If you are looking for the best environment serving air care for your family, Coway AP-1018F is the best option to go on with it. Coway is a popular brand and globally famous for its excellence and long-lasting quality. Nowadays, Coway air care has become crucial for healthy indoor living because of the rate of pollution increasing day by day.

Its demand is almost in 80+ countries in the world which makes this brand stand out. Coway AP-1018F is different from other brands because of its innovative designs and focus on providing a customer with clean air. It can eliminate the smoke and other gases present indoor and keep your family safe from getting allergies and suffer asthma and other health problems.

Some of the popular features of Coway AP-1018F are given as:

Unique Design And Easy Maintenance

The best feature of Coway AP-1018F is its cartridge design, which removes pre-filter without opening the front cover. One can clean the filter without fear of getting the virus and other allergic diseases trapped on HEPA filters inside it.

As told earlier, it comes with all the filters joined on a front cover of Coway AP-1018F. It allows you to take that front part anywhere for cleaning purposes. Coway AP-1018F prevents you from cleaning it in your home without opening filters.

Special HEPA Filter To Prevent Viruses And Its Long-Lasting Quality

One of its unique features includes the green HEPA filter inside it. This filter comprises Japanese Gingko leaves found in japan and Sumac trees which are helpful in the destruction of germs.

Coway AP-1018F is capable of removing up to 99% of viruses in the environment. This filter is thick and long-lasting, considered to be the best one in the market.

Highly Rated Air Flow

This latest design of Coway AP-1018F enables it to provide a better rate of airflow. It means the air reaches far at maximum flow. It is specially designed for bedrooms and small cabins in offices. Its CADR rate is impressive. It can be fit anywhere you want. Its innovative design has won for the best design around the globe.

Smart Echo And Detachable Air Vent Grille

The intelligent ecosystem technology is an enhancement in its features. The intelligent power saving mode of Coway AP-1018F automatically switches to smart eco mode if the cleaner has stopped working for the time being set for it. Another mode is standby mode which sets the time for which clean air stays.

Like other air cares of this brand, it is provided with detachable air vent grilles, which enable it to clean air more purely compared to other brand purifiers. It is also provided with light sensors for pollutant detection, which shows the rate of dirt matters in the environment based on different colors. Each color is indicating different intensity.