Coway ap-1516d

If you are searching for an up to bar air purifier, coway ap-1516d air care can the right choice for you. Its compact body is designed to be used in every size of a room. Along with the body, its latest features are also very pleasing. The system ensures a healthy environment through the safest means.

The brand is known for its quality. It has been serving its customer according to their needs for a long time. You can depend on its high-quality manufacturing and new technology in the market. Coway air cares are the best when you want to live in a healthy indoor environment.

Some of the attractive features of coway ap-1516d are as follows:

Brilliant Air Cleaning Technology And Powerful Flow

One of the best things about coway ap-1516d is its sound quality and air cleaning technology which makes it unique. The filter has been designed so that it is fully capable of reducing bacteria and other invisible pollutants in the air like ultra-fine dust and other chemical gases from indoor air.

This technology helps you maintain a healthy indoor environment. Another fantastic thing about coway ap-1516d is its different power modes for circulating clean air around the room. It can spread clean air in different directions with the help of its normal flow, focused flow, and multi-flow options provided.

Fine Quality Filter And Detachable Outer Grille

Coway ap-1516d offers you the best quality of air cleaning filter inside it. Some of the local brand air care clean large dust particles in the air while coway ap-1516d clean up the large dust mites and small pollutants like pollen, mould, and pet dander.

Elimination of these particles will prevent your family from having health issues such as asthma. It also contains detachable outlet grills placed on top of the air care for convenience and more efficient air cleaning than other products provided with the cover in that area.

Setting Features

It has many different setting features like an auto mode indicator illuminated when auto mode is on at the time. It also contains three stages of air cleaning like high, medium, and low. It has a timer set for air care working start limit equipped of 2 hours and ending up to 8 hours.

Best technology indicates indoor pollutants with different color lights such as blue for clean, green for slight, yellow for heavy, and red for severe. It also provided a light sensor that detects lights around the air care. All you have to do is turning on these modes and be in a healthy environment.

Price range of coway ap-1516d: The price range of this product starts from $229.