Treatment for Sciatica

If you have lived with sciatica for some time now and have visited many medical and alternative doctors, but not have received the help that you so deserve, then you should consider Ceragem. Ceragem is a world-class medical care experience with class II medical devices used to deal with human complications like stress, muscle pain and blood circulation. Ceragem also deals with symptoms of sciatica as it works to heal the entire human body. Patients are also able to enjoy additional benefits like additional energy that is produced through far infrared heat therapy.

Ceragem helps in healing symptoms of sciatica either through far infrared heat therapy or through other medical treatments that their class II medical equipment employs. Sciatica symptoms vary but definitely affect from the lower back toward the legs. Some symptoms may include pain shooting down one part of a buttock or leg; constant lower back pain; lower thigh annoyances; and more. Ceragem has a history of healing sciatica before and patients and their families are very optimistic of its benefits and therapies. Radiant heat penetrates the body through far infrared therapy, which creates energy, thus re-energizing the body. This particular energy helps the human body to synthesize energy that may be lacking in the body; the lack of which, causes a lot of pain in the legs and back. Far infrared therapy is considered safe and beneficial as it helps in producing much needed energy which aids in the healing process.

Far infrared therapy is not only for the skin – it is able to penetrate 4-6 cm through your skin; cell functions like cell repair increases in activity simply by being in close contact. This heat therapy will change a person’s life. It is well recorded that far infrared heat therapy will rid your body of toxins, chemicals, and other pollutants. When these toxins and more are removed from your body, your body cells and tisssues are able to form back into a healthy state of being. It also facilitates immune improvement of the body by stimulating the thymus glands to produce enough leukocytes, which are responsible for the general improvement of the body’s immune system.

Ceragem offers far infrared heat therapy with a variety of products. Enjoy their V3, a massage-type bed that uses acupressure, massage, and chiropractor skills on your body; the Ceramat, a heated bed-topper that also employs negative ions for a restful sleep; the Healax, which is perfect as it lays on your shoulders and massages using percussion skill; and the Mini Goodle, which is a device you can carry and bring really, anywhere as it is a plug-n-play (into a 2-pin female outlet). Ceragem also carries insoles, Massaging Insoles that is, which is 15x stronger than the current leading brand – and you can wash it and re-use it every week (with a 2 year warranty)!

Another product to consider is Ceragem Kangen Water. It helps any body, from the sick and elderly to young and rejuvenated, to feeling young and refreshed. Imagine water from the first day’s of earth, where pollution never existed, and each drop were pure. This is that water and the quality always striven for. This water touches all body organs as it is digested and aids in healing. Ceragem offers health in so many different devices that deals with all complications in the human body. Sciatica sufferers actually become thrivers as their body heals from the Ceragem experience, after surviving days, weeks, months, and years of pain.

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