With around 20 million worldwide customers, Godaddy is a giant in its own right. It is the top domain registrar. Let us find out if the hype is worth it. The interface is pretty simple, so it is recommended for beginners.

From shared to dedicated to VPS, all these types are offered at your disposal. Godaddy also has a website builder where you can start for free. Since we have Godaddy, the Bluehost vs. Hostgator debate is getting old. To break it down, Godaddy hosting has four packages.

Deals for shared hosting


Godaddy hosting packages start from this one. The economy deal has a $2.99 per month price tag. The bonus points include 1-year free email and domain. And the renewal will cost you $8.99 for shared hosting. You can operate only one website and have access to 100 GB to use.

Bandwidth is unmetered with Godaddy hosting packages, but 250,000 is the maximum amount of files you can upload. More files will require you to purchase higher plans. Along with that, you get 100 email accounts with 24/7 support from customer service. Free SSL certificates and unlimited databases are not included with this deal.

This plan for hosting one website is suitable since a single website does not need more than 100 GB. Also, 250,000 files is a generous amount. Hence the Economy package is okay if you have a small-sized business.

Deluxe plan:

Godaddy hosting deluxe plan gives you unlimited storage for unlimited websites. The domain and emails are the same as in the economy. Twenty-five databases are included in this plan. The special first-year price is $7.49 per month and will become $11.99 upon renewal. However, SSL certificates are not available, but you do get unmetered bandwidth.

Like the Economy plan, Deluxe has 1 CPU and 250,000 files allowance. If you want to increase your performance by adding CPUs, you can choose higher plans. On the contrary, deluxe provides 500 emails. All four Godaddy hosting packages are available for all web hosting types.


We recommend it for high-traffic sites. The standout features include increased processing power with an unlimited database and a free SSL certificate (for the first year). The CPU memory is 1 GB (2 CPUs). To avail of this opportunity, you need to set aside $8.49 per month.

Maximum plan:

Everything is almost the same as the initial Ultimate plan. The only difference is 2 GB memory and accessible, unlimited SSL for all your websites—the price surges to $19.99 for this particular option.

Standout features

Storage capacity:

Unlike some other web hosts, they offer unlimited bandwidth and sufficient storage for each package. So you never have to limit the number of files you upload on the internet.


The average loading time was calculated to be 2.5 seconds. A fast website should load within 2 to 3 seconds. So 2.5 seconds is a decent figure.


This factor measures the amount of time the website was online. Uptime above 99% is considered good. Fortunately, Godaddy hosting has an uptime of 99.9%.


Not only can we do Linux hosting, but Godaddy can provide Windows’s hosting plans as well. This gives it an edge over other software.