Coway AP-1005AH Air Purifier 5-stage Antimicrobial Filtering System with HEPA


5-stage Antimicrobial Filtering System

Purity Level Indicator

Child Mode / Auto Mode / Rhythmic Mode

True HEPA Filter5-Stage FiltrationAir Quality ControlAuto ModeRhythm ModeWall Mounted Design

Purity Level Sensor/Air Quality Monitor : Constantly checks the indoor air quality, and changes color to report the indoor air condition. Depending on current air condition, automatically switches speed to rapidly move pollutants.




Anion Generator : Produces negative ion and makes feel much freasher. Child Mode : Finds and delivers the proper temperature of the air for children. 4-step Rhythmic Cleaning Mode : Airflow is changed dynamically over four steps to deliver fresh air to all parts of a room. Five stage Filtration : Removes and destroys 99.95% of airborne particles. Can choose from a variety of custom filters that will benefit you the most. Customized Filter : Choose from a variety of custom filters that will benefit your needs the most. New house filter New House Filter for new homes effectively removes substances that lead to New House Syndrome, which is known as the main cause of atopic dermatitis. Using a white gold catalyst and AC deodorizing filter that effectively eliminates the formaldehyde and volatile organic compounds, the filter only leaves behind the joy of living in a new home. Air Filtration Filtration º Pre Filter º Medium Filter º AC Deodorization Filter º AG Allergy-Shield Filter CADR smoke 154 dust 168 pollen 178 Recommended Room size AHAM 239 sq.ft KACA 239 sq.ft Basic Feature Fan Speed 6 levels Timer – Filter Indicator – Special Feature Fan Speed Operation Airflow rate (CMM/CFM) Noise Level (dBA) 21 ~ 46 Power consumption (w) 8 ~ 47 Dimensions(W X D X H) 544 X 181 X 510 mm (21.4 x 7.1 x 20.0 inch) Weight 19.4


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