Best Massage Beds And Chairs

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Are you the one who loves to take a massage after getting back from the hectic work routine? But you feel it challenging to take time from a single day of the weekend to get the treatment done. If that is the case, investing in the best massage beds and chairs for your home is worth it.

Buying a massage chair for your home will serve you in the long term. You will not need to wait for the whole day at salons for your turn. You can relax and get pampered whenever you want at your own home. It will also help you to lower your blood pressure and reduce the chances of other heart issues.

What To Look For While Choosing The Best Massage Beds & Chairs?

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Does the product you are choosing have all the features that you need? Are you comfortable while using it? Does it offer a warranty? You should take into account all these features if you have decided to buy one for your house. Several brands are presenting their best massage beds and chairs with many extraordinary characteristics. It will be hard to choose the right one from such a wide variety.

Following are some must-have features of the best massage beds and chairs you should look for while making the purchase:


You cannot relax fully while sitting in an upright position. So, the best massage chair is one that has a reclining function, at least partially. Don’t choose the one that does not have this feature. Different chair types have different reclining settings. You can select the one depending on what kind of massage and relaxing experience you are looking for.

If you are a heart patient, it is advised to buy a massage chair with a zero-gravity recline setting. It is a feature that allows you to relax fully while the feet are slightly raised from the floor. This position will help lower your blood pressure, and thus chances of heart problems are reduced to a great extent.

Full back coverage

Some massage chairs support specific body parts like the head, legs, feet, arms, or shoulders. To get the best possible relaxation experience, look for how much coverage the seat provides. It is advisable to choose such a chair that offers full back coverage.

Furthermore, there are different styles of chairs that target specific parts depending upon the massage type. Some chairs have thumb-like heads that give a feel like a human massager giving a massage. These features must be present in the product you are deciding on.

Intensity setting

The best massage bed or chair has a customised intensity setting. You can change it depending on your mood or type of massage. If that feature is not available, it is suggested to buy the one with at least two intensity settings, high and low.


Many people suffer from muscle pain, for which they prefer taking massages. Heating may prove beneficial to relieve such pains. If you also have the same issue, you must check the heating system in the massage chair you will buy.

Different chairs have varied heating systems. Some target only a few body parts, while others provide a heating effect to the whole body. Furthermore, some have a setting that you can change depending upon your need. These chairs are most favourable as you can select the option according to your requirement and condition.

Benefits Of Massage Therapy

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For Mental Health

A common yet most important use of a massage is to reduce stress by relieving the strained muscles. Stress and muscle tension have a link in between. When we massage our muscles, that tension is relieved, and also massage therapy lowers our stress levels. If you are dealing with such stressful situations more often, it is advised to invest in a massage chair or bed for your home.

For Blood Pressure

As massage helps to reduce stress levels, it also helps to lower heart rate. Thus, chances of high blood pressure due to hypertension are reduced to a great extent. In this way, it can prevent severe heart diseases like heart attacks or strokes. Furthermore, massage therapy also increases blood flow that is good for many health conditions.

For Diabetes

It is supported by scientific facts that massages are good for diabetes patients, and it’s been used for many years. The reason behind this lies in the fact that kneading over the injection site increases the blood flow. That enhances the absorption of insulin.

For Muscle & Joint Health

Massage therapy can help relieve several muscles and joint conditions. Some of them are discussed below:

  • Back pain

Massage is effective in relieving back pain in people of every age group. Massage chairs are designed especially for this purpose and have many features helpful in treating back pain. It provides support and flexibility to back muscles, thus lowering the muscle tension in long-term use.

  • Neck pain

Massage chairs come with the feature of thumb massaging that seems like the one given by human hands. If you are constantly suffering from pain in the neck area, go for a massage session after every two to three days.

  • Arthritis

Arthritis is a painful joint condition. Massage therapy is found helpful in the treatment of arthritis as it improves the flexibility in joint movements. But you should first consult with your doctor as certain types of chronic arthritis conditions even get worse by massaging.

  • Shoulder pain

It is a common problem faced, especially by older people. Massage by a massage chair or human can help lower shoulder pain. However, massage chairs provide some additional features of heating or intensity control that are more favourable.

  • Posture

Bad posture can result in many types of pain, whether neck, shoulder, or back. A massage chair is effective in enhancing body flexibility and relieves many painful conditions. Thus, bad posture is also improved in this way.

7 Best Massage Beds And Chairs

  1. Ceragem Master V3
  2. Luraco iRobotics 7 Plus
  3. Osaki OS-Pro Maestro
  4. Luraco Legend Plus
  5. Fujita DR91H
  6. Osaki First Class
  7. Fujita DS610

Comparison Chart







Item Weight

Ceragem Master V3

CGM MB-1101


Aluminium and Foam

White and Black

79.37 x 27.56 x 17.72 inches

116.6 pounds

Luraco iRobotics

7 Plus

i7 plus (‎UPC_893640001212)


Textile, Wood, Electronics, Leather, Plastic, Metal

Black, brown, cream

‎47 x 38 x 81 inches

265 Pounds

Osaki OS-Pro Maestro

OS-Pro Maestro (B07CRLCFL3)



Black, white

61 x 32 x 48 inches

350 Pounds

Luraco Legend Plus





81 x 37 x 47 inches

264 Pounds

Fujita DR91H


$3 990.00

Synthetic leather

Black, brown, grey

33 x 60 x 54 inches

285-330 lbs

Osaki First Class

OS-Pro First-Class LE

$5,499.00 – $5,749.00

Faux leather

Grey, black, brown, beige

72 x 30 x 46.5 inches

311 Pounds

Fujita DS610

Prestige D610 3D


Synthetic leather


31 x 64 x 50 inches

285-330 lbs

Ceragem Master V3

Ceragem is a renowned name providing its best technological products for massage and other healing processes. It is a therapeutic device that people of every gender and age group can use to get optimum massage therapy. Children with a height of at least 120 cm can also use this massage bed as it comes with a customised scanning setting.

It consists of a control panel stand that holds the control panel in its place. Furthermore, the heating system enhances the therapeutic effect and provides more relaxation to the body. Its significant therapeutic effect is the recovery of the natural curvature of spines.

Ceragem Master V3 is the best massage bed portable for your home if you face any issue with the spine. Its automatic thermal massage system and customised scanning made it an ideal choice for a family.


Spine Scanning

One of its most essential features is customised scanning of the spine. Scanning starts from the back of the neck to the pelvic region. It measures the length and curvatures of the spine. Ceragem v3 modes make it able to scan according to your unique body structure.

Advanced Projector Moving System (APMS)

It has an automatic internal projector that moves up and down to measure the contours of our back. In contrast, scanning helps to measure the length and natural curvatures of the spine. Thus, a customised massage plan is provided according to body shape and back contours.

Intensity Control

The best massage beds and chairs have multiple intensity control systems. Ceragem has six levels of intensity that can be set according to desired strength. You can check a Ceragem Master V3 review to understand how useful this feature is and how to get the most out of it.

12 Massage Programs

Ceragem Master V3 offers twelve different massage programs as given below:

  1. Automatic mode

  2. Automatic thermal massager (same as that of existing thermal massager)

  3. Relaxation mode

  4. Stability mode

  5. Circulation mode

  6. Health mode

  7. Energy mode

  8. Concentration mode

  9. Deep sleep mode

  10. Body balancing mode

  11. Area repetition

  12. Thermal pressure

You can select the mode that suits your condition the most. There are different results of all these procedures that you can choose according to personal requirements.

Slide-in Option

The latest Ceragem V3 massage beds have a slide-in option in them. This feature helps to fit the device even in small space areas of your home. Furthermore, when it slides in, it converts into a massage sofa. Thus, it is an all-in-one appliance.

Sound Therapy

Along with a great massage and relaxation, it also provides sound therapy with multiple soundtracks built-in. You can also connect your smart device through Bluetooth connectivity. So, you can enjoy a meditation session along with relaxing massage therapy.


Some of the Ceragem Master V3 benefits are as follows:

  • Any age group and gender can use it.

  • It provides relaxation to multiple body parts

  • Two people can use it simultaneously due to its two-people mode.

  • Easy to use


  • Infrared heat rays can thicken the skin.

  • There is a risk of heart damage with infrared rays.

Luraco iRobotics 7 Plus

Luraco 7 plus is one of the best massage providers recommended medically. It provides customised massage therapy according to your current medical health condition. The latest technology, heavy-duty touch screen control, and the fast-responding system make it one top choice among customers.

In light of this luraco 7 plus review, it is undoubtedly a top robotic massage chair with many health benefits. You can use it for six different locations: neck, arms, feet, upper back, lower back, and calves. According to specific body parts, you can change the intensity level from super soft to super hard.


Here are some of its special features that attract most users looking for the best massage beds and chairs.

Full Body Heat Therapy

Unlike other brands, the Luraco irobotics 7-plus massage chair presents whole-body heat therapy. The heating effect on back muscle, feet, and other body muscles relieves the muscle tension quickly and efficiently. And you can achieve a better massage experience.

Up-to-date Operating System

The operating system of this chair is of advanced technology that is capable of controlling many functions simultaneously. It provides the best possible massage therapy along with monitoring the chair’s other objectives. You don’t have to manage all the settings manually.

Zero Gravity

We are already aware of the importance of zero gravity in a massage chair or bed. The Luraco massage chair has this feature and provides a lot of health benefits due to it. It is the best way to lower the blood flow and relax the overall muscles of the body.

Health Monitoring Features

Additional health monitoring features like checking heart rate and blood pressure make the Luraco irobotics 7 plus massage chair stand from other massage chairs. Hence, it helps you get relaxed and keeps you up to date on overall health to live a healthy life by all means.

Double Foot Massage Rollers

There are two rollers specially fitted in each footrest. They have a function to provide a thorough massage to both feet. Thus if you are the one who has to stay on your feet the whole day, investing in Luraco irobotics chocolate brown will be worth it.

3d Massage Rollers

The Luraco massage chair is equipped with the latest 3D technology. It targets many different body parts with equal effectiveness. 3D massage chair pads and rollers enable it to massage the neck and the lower back more productively.

Bluetooth Speakers

You can connect your smartphone or any other smart device with your massage chair. Also, you can save your favourite playlist for future use. And enjoy your massage both physically and mentally with The Luraco massage chair.


  • It is easier to assemble without the help of a professional.

  • It is convenient to use.

  • Built-in memory can save up to 5 personal user settings.

  • It comes with a five years manufacturer’s warranty.


  • User settings are challenging to retain in some cases.

  • Minor material defects after using for a long time

Osaki OS-Pro Maestro

Another renowned name in the industry of advanced and high-quality massage chairs is Osaki OS-PRO 4D Massager. It is a customised device that comes with eight distinct settings that are all 4D operated. Moreover, there are also speed settings and five different intensity modes.

It gives the same experience as that of a live human massage therapist. Due to multiple adjustment levels, you can select the type of massage you are looking for. Five different strengths and intensity adjustments make it a good option as a customised massage chair.

If you are looking for an all-in-one device, the Osaki massage chair is an ideal choice. It provides a more thorough, deeper, and broader massage therapy. The plus point about this particular device is that it has a vast range of different adjustment levels. Thus, you can enjoy the best massage experience according to your personal preferences.


Here are some features stated below by our Osaki OS-Pro review:

8 Automatic Massage Programs

Eight different automatic massage programs are present that you can choose according to your desire. For instance, there are the following modes: swing, stretch, demo, relax, lady, gentleman, shiatsu, and scraping. Hence, it is easy to have the appropriate type of massage you are looking for.

Manual Massage Modes

There are four different modes of massage available in this device, namely rolling, shiatsu, kneading, and tapping. You can select the one you want for a specific body part. The Osaki massage chair provides the customised setting for air massage, lower back, neck, or shoulder area.

Full Body Air Massage

The Osaki OS-PRO 4D Massager is equipped with numerous airbags at different locations. For instance, these are present at the calf, feet, pelvis, waist, arms, and shoulders area. That provides comprehensive whole body massage therapy.

Zero Gravity

How can a perfect massage chair lack the zero gravity feature? It provides the ultimate relaxation experience with many health benefits along. You can adjust the intensity level and strength of the massage to give better support to your spine.

Space-saving Layout

Its design is made in a way that requires less space in your home. You can set it to the place you want it to be, without changing the setting of the whole room. You can check the dimension before buying whether it can fit in your living space or not.

Bluetooth Connectivity

The chair has built-in Bluetooth technology. So, you can enjoy your relaxation period fully while listening to your favourite music. It can be connected with smart devices in just a few steps without requiring various wires.

Quick Remote Control

The Osaki massage chair comes with a comprehensive and quick remote control system. You can manage all the settings, whether power supply, zero gravity, 4D adjustment, or Bluetooth connectivity, all while laying on your massage chair. The remote is also easy to recharge with the help of a USB portal.


  • It consumes less power, i.e., 250W.

  • It is easy to assemble.

  • It is easy to operate and use with the Luraco Legend Plus manual.


  • The chair cannot recline back to a great degree.

Luraco Legend Plus

Another outstanding product from Luraco health and beauty is its Luraco Legend Plus massage chair. It is the best choice for the family as there are five personal memory settings. It is an excellent alternative to the Luraco irobotics 7 plus massage chair. It is well equipped with the advanced and latest technology that adds more value to this device.

It has a dimension of 81 x 37 x 47 inches that you can fit easily even in a small space area of your room. Moreover, it has a five-year manufacturer’s warranty and a 3-year in-home service warranty that makes it a reliable option for its customers.

Investing in Luraco massage chairs would serve you in many ways. It provides an ultimate massage experience with many additional features as well.


Outstanding Sensor Technology

The superior sensor technology of this massage chair makes it possible to scan different body shapes and curvatures. Thus, you don’t need to make adjustments manually to match your body contour. Furthermore, it can be used by all body types, whether they have extended heights or slender body types.

Noise Reduction Technology

The purpose of buying a massage chair is that you want to relax and take a break from a hectic daily routine. The Luraco massage chairs provide a way to enjoy a peaceful massage and relaxation experience while reducing the surrounding noises.

Quick Remote Control System

It offers an extensive remote control system that works the same as an intelligent device. You can control and manage all its settings while relaxing at your massage seat. As it has different adjustment levels, you can select the one that suits you the most from the remote control in a single step.

9 Automatic Programs

There is an option of manual as well as automatic modes to choose from according to your preference. Moreover, six modifiable intensity locations are for neck, arms, legs, buttock, upper back, and upper back. That feature makes it more efficient and effective in the massage process.

L-track Massage Roller

You can enjoy a customised massage therapy with the L-track massage rollers that can target the neck and back area more effectively. Different intensity programs help you choose from soft to complex massage types. It means massage therapy is as beneficial as given by human hands.

Full Body Heat Therapy

The chair has complete body heat therapy that provides equal heating to the neck, shoulder, and back area. Thus, the heating effect relieves the tension of the stretched muscle. And you feel more comfortable and relaxed while having the massage.

Airbag Massage

To give its customers the best experience of compression massage, the Luraco irobotics 7 plus massage chair is equipped with airbags. These airbags are located throughout the chair on arms, legs, feet, hands, calves, back, and shoulders.


Here are some excellent Luraco reviews:

  • A good option for tiny space houses.

  • It provides the longest L-track from other massage chairs.

  • Easy to assemble and use.


  • Its weight is more to get lifted easily by one or two-person.

  • Some high-end features are missing.

Fujita DR91H

Fujita DR91H newest edition is one of the best names in the industry of massage chairs and beds. It is capable enough to give the ultimate relaxation treatment that relieves stress and reduces muscle tension. It can also target the hip and the waist area to provide overall massage therapy.

The chair is well equipped with advanced technology for customised therapy. It does not require considerable space for its installation. Moreover, any gender with different body shapes can use this. It is the best choice if you are looking for medical massage therapy as recommended by many experts.

If you have insomnia due to a tiring body and tired muscles, it is recommended to invest in a Fujita massage chair. A thorough head massage helps you improve your sleep quality so that you feel more relaxed.


Back Rollers

Are you looking for a massage chair to relieve the back pain that is not going away in any way? Congrats! You have chosen the best massage chair for this purpose. Using it for a particular time can enhance the flexibility of the body. Also, blood circulation is improved by these heated back rollers. Thus, fatigue is relieved, and you feel fresher.

Multiple Massage Techniques

It provides multiple massage techniques viz kneading, tapping, manipulation, muscle pulling, cradle, press, and stretching. All you need is this exceptional massage chair and enjoy relaxation therapy according to your current medical condition and mood.

Automatic Body Scanning Technology

A Fujita massage chair is equally helpful for people of different height scales and body shapes. The automatic body scanning program measures your height and contour. Hence, you get a customised and absolute massage time right at your home. Furthermore, there is no need to change your custom settings as personal memory storage saves your previous settings for future use.

Auto Programs

Six auto programs are present in this single massage chair design. These are named music synch, stretching, waist and hip, whole, and neck & shoulder. There is no need to buy several devices as all the features are present in one that you already have. You can choose the one that you want quickly.

Space Saving Configuration

No more worries about making space for your massage chair. The dimension of Fujita DR91H is such that it will not take up too much space in the living room. Even when it is in recline mode, it will take just an area of three fingers, which is not a big deal.

Music Synchronization

An exciting feature that is not available in the competitor massage chairs market is its music synchronisation technology. You can not only enjoy your favourite music tracks while getting a massage. But the music can also control the speed of your massage therapy due to synchronisation with Bluetooth music rhythm.

Here is the Fujita DR91H 3D review with some benefits and drawbacks:


  • It is easy to use.

  • Do not need assembly due to its one-piece body design.

  • Automatically shut down after 20 minutes of use.


  • Infrared heating may be harmful to your skin.

Osaki First Class

Osaki is known for providing the best massage chairs for a top-class massage experience. It is a good choice if you are going to buy a massage seat for your whole family. There are custom settings that everyone can set according to their personal preferences and body contour. Its user-friendly design and affordable price make it a reliable option for its customers.

Whether you face back pain, foot ache, or stress, the Osaki massage chair is all you need. You can enjoy the same professional massage experience as provided in massage centers or salons. It has different adjustments that make it easy for you to use according to your customised requirements.

It is a device with all the essential features that an ideal massage chair must have. It is a complete package in one device. The above-mentioned Osaki first class overview may help you know its benefits and drawbacks better. Choose it to buy for your home if you think it is the one that meets all your needs.


Here are some specifications to make you choose one in Osaki first class vs maestro battle:

Space-Saving Design

The dimension of the Osaki massage chair allows you to adjust it easily in your living room. You will not require a separate room or an area designed specifically for its installation. After reclining, there is a minimum space occupied by the chair. Thus, it is convenient to have and install this space-saving design of massage chairs.

Bluetooth Speaker

In the headrest part of the chair, high-quality Bluetooth speakers are installed. The clearest and top-quality sound experience makes the user enjoy the music while having a massage. So, you can enjoy your relaxation time to the fullest.

USB Connector

You can connect any smart device with your massage chair. No worries about recharging in case the battery is running low. A USB port is available right at the back of the seat, where you can plug in the charger and enjoy uninterrupted massage therapy.

Adjustable Shoulder Width

The Osaki massage chair is designed for everyone. Everybody type can have a thorough massage irrespective of its contour or shape. You can adjust the shoulder width in just a single easy step.

Custom Setting

You can save your custom settings like shoulder width and height etc., for future use. Furthermore, you can also change language, brightness, screen-off time, and sound settings any time you want.

5 Massage Modes

Five massage styles are Swedish, grasp, knead, shiatsu, and flap. You can select the one that suits your needs the most. All of them are composed in a way to provide an enhanced massage experience to the users.

Given below is the Osaki first-class review with some positive as well as negative aspects:


  • Easy to use with a touch screen remote.

  • Takes less space.

  • The price range is reasonable.


  • It will not work well for people above 285 lbs of weight.

  • Each massage session will last only for 20 minutes.


Fujita DS610

Looking for a massage chair capable of providing an impressive massage experience along with improving blood circulation. Fujita DS610 would be a perfect choice for you. It has an advanced 3D technology that provides a human-like massage experience.

There are different intensity levels you can select according to your requirement. Whether you are looking for kneading, tapping, shiatsu, all types of professional massage modes are available. The setting is easy to change with the friendly design and user manual provided along. All you have to do is to follow the instructions properly.

You won’t regret investing in buying the Fujita massage chair. It is an all-in-one package that provides a lot of features at an affordable price. It is the best tool you must have at your home if you suffer from severe muscle soreness and back pain.


Following are some striking features that make it one of the best massage chairs in the market. Take a look at this Fujita DS610 review and make your purchase if you think it can work best for you and your family’s needs.

Multiple Massage Modes

The device can provide many different types of massages. For instance, it has kneading, tapping, pressing, and shiatsu. Kneading massage provided by this massage chair has the same effect as that provided by human hands. This is done by a slow and wide knead followed by an abrupt release.

65 Airbags Panel

There is a panel of almost sixty-five airbags that are present throughout the surface of the massage chair. Starting from head, neck, shoulder, arms, legs, footrest, upper back to the lower back, the airbags provide an ultimate air massage thoroughly.

Bluetooth Speakers

There is an option of connectivity of Bluetooth speakers. That means you can enjoy your time to the fullest while listening to your favourite music playlist and getting a professional massage at the same time.

3 Rows Foot Roller

For people on their feet, this feature of a 3-row foot roller will work best. It targets all foot parts, including the ankle, and provides thorough air pressure to provide more comfortable massage therapy.

Following are the role of three rows foot rollers:

  • The 4D scraping plate bears a non-uniform distribution of beads. When the plate rotates, moving beads cover all the reflection points of the foot base, especially the ankle.

  • The pressure of the rollers provides a strengthened massage on the soles of the feet.

  • Heel acupoint can relieve any sort of foot ache.

Zero Gravity

Like other brands, Fujita is also equipped with a zero-gravity mode for a better massage experience. The footrest moves slightly above the ground while lifting the legs along. This movement helps to balance and control the normal blood flow. Thus, a heart patient can benefit from this model of a massage chair.


  • People of all body shapes can use this device.

  • Easy to use.

  • It is medically recommended for back pain.

  • The reasonable Fujita pricing is affordable for all.


  • Hard to assemble


Buying a massage bed or chair for your home is a good decision that will serve you in many ways. But it would be difficult to choose the right one from the vast and growing market. Different brands are selling their best products with striking features designed especially for the needs of their customers. The guide mentioned above may help you choose the one that suits you the most.